March 2015- 10 on 10

The sun is shinning! After the last few weeks of snow storms, its a welcome change. I even spied a little green in our grass. After a busy weekend on the slopes it was nice to have a day back into the routine.




Thank you Rebekah for taking the time to encourage, finding beauty in the ordinary. ten on ten sets found here

Feb 2015 10 on 10

Feeling like i just am phoning this one in today, but with teacher appreciation, valentines day and getting ready for a someones first birthday next week, Im giving myself grace.

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December 2014

A beautiful December day in these parts. Looking forward to celebrating this season with loved ones and celebrating the one who loved us first.

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November 2014 10 on 10

Today began wearing flip flops to school drop off and ended with full snow gear. Such is the way here. I’m thankful we took the time to get new snow tires today on the car. On the way home from gymnastics, the cars looked more likely to be playing a game of Tetris than traveling in straight  lines. Seeing as how we won’t get above freezing for the rest of the week, i’m really hoping for some snow days.

Looking over the pics i took today, i could prob just call it 10 of Danica but she’s at such a fun stage, its hard not to just follow her around with the camera 🙂



10 on 10 October

big day around here… Trader Joe’s opened! now my mom can stop brining a second suitcase full of goodies every time she visits 🙂 it was a rainy day filled with errands and friends. I’m looking forward to restful weekend before the man of the house takes off again.  visit rebekah and other inspiring collections here.

IMG_9792IMG_9866IMG_9831IMG_9892IMG_9905         IMG_9853IMG_9938IMG_9978IMG_0014IMG_0045

10 on 10 September- Feelings of Fall

there’s definitely a feel of fall in the air around here…dare i say theres even snow predicted tomorrow night! instead of lamenting the inevitable. I’m trying to embrace my favorite things about fall. bring on cozy sweaters, comfy boots and amazing colors of the leaves.



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Good Ole 10 on 10 August 2014

Wow! how is it August already? Only one full week of summer vacation left 🙁

To be honest i felt a little inadequate starting my set today. i post the same set every month. does anyone really need to see more pictures of my kids? but looking back, i’m thankful that i took the time to capture the day. there were some sweet moments and Im glad i had the motivation of 10 on 10 to stop and  freeze them”in image”. even if its still just a bunch of pictures of my kids. 🙂


Can’t wait to glimpse into Rebekah’s day and browse around the other 10 on 10 sets 🙂


This past weekend, we headed east, to join some friends for a little Nebraska camping adventure. Turns out if you drive out into the Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska you’ll find the largest lake around, Lake McConaughy. So Thankful for friends who came far more prepared than I.  The 6 adults, 11 kids and 3 dogs got along fabulously. totally worth the drive, the sunburns and the laundry 🙂 I think i see many more camping trips in our future!

IMG_6514IMG_6518IMG_6511  IMG_6508IMG_6519IMG_6543  IMG_6523IMG_6549IMG_6560  IMG_6557IMG_6568IMG_6580  IMG_6567IMG_6584IMG_6563IMG_6585IMG_6597  IMG_6590IMG_6620IMG_6628IMG_6635  IMG_6183IMG_6638 IMG_6650  IMG_6647IMG_6686IMG_6658  IMG_6673  IMG_6670IMG_6671IMG_6661IMG_6710  IMG_6708IMG_6716IMG_6722  IMG_6717IMG_6725  IMG_6728IMG_6736IMG_6696IMG_6700