November 2013- 10 on 10 – A Full Harvest

Today I woke up to sick kiddos. One hard already made their way to my bed, the others were a chorus of coughing across the hall. I got up to read  Rebekah’s prompt for the month, ” A Full Harvest”. The thought of celebrating that in which we have been toiling and working towards all year. As I pondered this, I knew my everyday toil is to breath a need for Jesus into my girls. But as I played that out more, the work of this year has been RELATIONSHIP.  A year of working towards community, relationship and friendship. It’s been a blessing to see the friendships grow within the sister relationship. There’s also been growth in the mother-daughter relationship. A  tireless job of seeking true community and harmony, one that wont be completed until our savior comes. But in this time I’m grateful for the bounty of rewards I see, in the smiles of those I love as we enjoy one another, even in sickness.

IMG_6572IMG_6595IMG_6609IMG_6635IMG_6672IMG_6762IMG_6823IMG_6843IMG_6859IMG_6872find other’s “Full Harvest here.

4 thoughts on “November 2013- 10 on 10 – A Full Harvest

  1. Cute little ones. I love the piggy buns. No fun having sick kids. Hopefully everyone is better now. I love the dear and then the dear pillow. Great photos!

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