Do you wanna build a snowman?

“the girls” turned seven this week and as much as i just wanted to call up the ymca and book a party, i just couldn’t do it. i love the personal touches and the little details too much. so we jumped on the bandwagon and threw a FROZEN party. the kids had so much fun making snowmen from doughnuts, decorating “Elsa” crowns and competing to make the best T.P. Olaf.  Aunt Maddy came all the way from San Diego to adorn us with our tradition of spectacular birthday face paint. our guest left with a fun little kit to make an “Olaf” at home, as well as a one of the most awesome snowflake cookies i’ve ever seen. (thanks to a very talented and generous friend.)   fun for all! thanks to all who came and helped celebrate our special girls!

IMG_1107IMG_1075IMG_0515IMG_0514frozen jarsolaf playdough olaf kitIMG_1295IMG_1298IMG_1302 favor tagsIMG_1157IMG_1165IMG_1184IMG_1247 IMG_1189IMG_1402IMG_1400 IMG_1376IMG_1315IMG_1324 IMG_1322

IMG_1398 IMG_1351-2IMG_1349-2IMG_1308  IMG_1394IMG_1284 IMG_1271IMG_1328IMG_1334IMG_1338  IMG_1341IMG_1321IMG_1384IMG_1383IMG_1382IMG_1372IMG_1370IMG_1261IMG_1254 IMG_1257IMG_1221IMG_1407 IMG_1406IMG_1419 IMG_1415IMG_1307IMG_1434IMG_1423

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