This past weekend, we headed east, to join some friends for a little Nebraska camping adventure. Turns out if you drive out into the Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska you’ll find the largest lake around, Lake McConaughy. So Thankful for friends who came far more prepared than I.  The 6 adults, 11 kids and 3 dogs got along fabulously. totally worth the drive, the sunburns and the laundry 🙂 I think i see many more camping trips in our future!

IMG_6514IMG_6518IMG_6511  IMG_6508IMG_6519IMG_6543  IMG_6523IMG_6549IMG_6560  IMG_6557IMG_6568IMG_6580  IMG_6567IMG_6584IMG_6563IMG_6585IMG_6597  IMG_6590IMG_6620IMG_6628IMG_6635  IMG_6183IMG_6638 IMG_6650  IMG_6647IMG_6686IMG_6658  IMG_6673  IMG_6670IMG_6671IMG_6661IMG_6710  IMG_6708IMG_6716IMG_6722  IMG_6717IMG_6725  IMG_6728IMG_6736IMG_6696IMG_6700


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