a little 10 on 10 action in June

So the girls have been out of school for over three weeks now and it has been over 75 degrees exactly 2 of those days! This past weekend it was in the 40’s and we got to spend sunday in the basement with tornado sirens going off. It is no understatement to say the weather here is INSANE!  today the thunderstorms held off long enough for us to squeeze in some pool time. The girls promised me they weren’t too cold,( as long as they stayed in the water 🙂 oh dear california, why do you have to be so expensive?



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MAy 10 on 10 2014

a busy and blessed day around here today. tried to soak in as much sun as possible before the storm rolls in and dumps 10 inches of snow tomorrow. Seriously!? Oh.. and Daddy took a little road trip and came home with a little surprise, because really…what’s one more mouth to to feed?


Meet Daisy our 6 week old Labradoodle.

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10 on 10 April 2014

April already! the days are flying by! we were blessed with a visit from Aunt Maddy while MIke is away. Dani is getting cuter everyday and meadow is still as obsessed with her as ever. Im trying to enjoy the small moments and ignore the ever growing laundry pile. it’s crazy around here but in the words of meadow and my favorite  FROZEN line                                                        ” i love crazy!”



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Do you wanna build a snowman?

“the girls” turned seven this week and as much as i just wanted to call up the ymca and book a party, i just couldn’t do it. i love the personal touches and the little details too much. so we jumped on the bandwagon and threw a FROZEN party. the kids had so much fun making snowmen from doughnuts, decorating “Elsa” crowns and competing to make the best T.P. Olaf.  Aunt Maddy came all the way from San Diego to adorn us with our tradition of spectacular birthday face paint. our guest left with a fun little kit to make an “Olaf” at home, as well as a one of the most awesome snowflake cookies i’ve ever seen. (thanks to a very talented and generous friend.)   fun for all! thanks to all who came and helped celebrate our special girls!

IMG_1107IMG_1075IMG_0515IMG_0514frozen jarsolaf playdough olaf kitIMG_1295IMG_1298IMG_1302 favor tagsIMG_1157IMG_1165IMG_1184IMG_1247 IMG_1189IMG_1402IMG_1400 IMG_1376IMG_1315IMG_1324 IMG_1322

IMG_1398 IMG_1351-2IMG_1349-2IMG_1308  IMG_1394IMG_1284 IMG_1271IMG_1328IMG_1334IMG_1338  IMG_1341IMG_1321IMG_1384IMG_1383IMG_1382IMG_1372IMG_1370IMG_1261IMG_1254 IMG_1257IMG_1221IMG_1407 IMG_1406IMG_1419 IMG_1415IMG_1307IMG_1434IMG_1423

March 2014- 10 on 10

Little Dani is 18 days new. We are adjusting to life as six. it’s been a roller coaster of emotion (but in a house with five females , i should probably get used to it) we love her an are soo so thankful for this newest little treasure.



10 on 10 January 2014

It was a quiet day around here. Two woke up with fevers so we took it easy. I put a few finishing touches on the nursery. Hard to believe baby girl #4 will be here in 40 short days!



Looks like i only managed 9 this month… close enough 🙂

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November 2013- 10 on 10 – A Full Harvest

Today I woke up to sick kiddos. One hard already made their way to my bed, the others were a chorus of coughing across the hall. I got up to read  Rebekah’s prompt for the month, ” A Full Harvest”. The thought of celebrating that in which we have been toiling and working towards all year. As I pondered this, I knew my everyday toil is to breath a need for Jesus into my girls. But as I played that out more, the work of this year has been RELATIONSHIP.  A year of working towards community, relationship and friendship. It’s been a blessing to see the friendships grow within the sister relationship. There’s also been growth in the mother-daughter relationship. A  tireless job of seeking true community and harmony, one that wont be completed until our savior comes. But in this time I’m grateful for the bounty of rewards I see, in the smiles of those I love as we enjoy one another, even in sickness.

IMG_6572IMG_6595IMG_6609IMG_6635IMG_6672IMG_6762IMG_6823IMG_6843IMG_6859IMG_6872find other’s “Full Harvest here.

October 10 on 10 Pumpkin Spice

I can state with certainty that October is my favorite month here in Colorado. The ever changing colors, the crisp air, scarves and boots. But mostly the beautiful colors and changing scenery of the mountains, that’s my favorite part!

It was a rough, emotional morning in this house that left this mama on edge. I tried to soak in and see the beauty as we ran around town. I focused on the blessings in this little mountain town. I took my girls to “our spot” in the woods after school as we all needed a little extra beauty to focus on that beyond ourselves.

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