July 2013- Ten on Ten

Oh summer, never end! A day full of sun, a trip to the toy store for our first ever Barbies, and an afternoon hail storm. Not a bad way to settle back into home, after a little vacation up in Estes Park.



As usual, find some amazing beauty and inspiration from around the globe over at rebekah’s.


we’ve officially made it through our first year in Colorado. It’s been an adventure to say the least. I’ve experience more weather here in one year, than in my previous thirty combined. California has made me a weather wimp. It also made me a water lover. I am so missing water this summer. I’m trying to take my mind off of it by enjoying the beautiful hiking trails and scenery in our own backyard.


10 on 10 June 2013

I’m kinda loving this spring/summer season in Colorado. The mountains are green, the sky is vast and the days are warm. Grateful! So very grateful of this beauty and warmth that displays His great lovingkindness toward us all.

IMG_0306 IMG_0359 IMG_0328 IMG_0398 IMG_0411 IMG_0443 IMG_0457 IMG_0469 IMG_0499 IMG_0528IMG_0545


as always, catch the beauty through eyes of many talented other’s over at Rebekah’s

10 on 10 – May 2013 – Hard Days

life. its a funny thing. most days i just cruise along going through the motions. stopping to lock in and remember moments here and there. then all the sudden it hits me. the magnitude of this “job” raising little people. trying to balance  love , grace and discipline. to empower self esteem and yet reveal a sinner in need of Jesus  to see each heart as individual and tailor my methods to such. at times its paralyzing. it’s burdensome  it’s exhausting. days like today are hard. yet they lead me to press in. to pray. and to                 trust in Him.

IMG_9639 IMG_9658 IMG_9690 IMG_9767IMG_9742 IMG_9762 IMG_9745 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9776

…… deep breaths

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ice ice baby

this past sunday we took a little drive after church to check out cripple creeks ice fest. it’s a tiny mining town in the mountains. there were some really neat sculptures and too many people for the tiny streets. i don’t think it’;ll make our “must do yearly list” but it was worth experiencing once.

IMG_6862 IMG_6859 IMG_6849 IMG_6857 IMG_6847IMG_6828 IMG_6824 IMG_6837IMG_6821 IMG_6797  IMG_6799IMG_6815                                      IMG_6818  IMG_6812 IMG_6808IMG_6804 IMG_6791 IMG_6788


we were blessed with a visit from our cousins this weekend. it was fun to see the whole gang together and watch them interact. i’d hoped to show them some of our favorite sights, but our first big snow storm of the year kept us close to home. we were able to fit in a fun swim, some sledding, a stop at focus on the family’s playground  and lots of coloring and indoor games. thanks for the memories taylors!!IMG_7197 IMG_7206 IMG_7192 IMG_7187 IMG_7161 IMG_7150IMG_7159  IMG_7145 IMG_7142 IMG_7128 IMG_7130  IMG_7114IMG_7123IMG_7126 IMG_7116  IMG_7105 IMG_7099



We love LOVE

my sweet friend Kacy hosts an annual “We love LOVE Party. THis year she let me join in on the fun of hosting with her. i’m soo thankful for this home and the ability to open it to all our friends. it was packed with sticky hands, running feet, chatty moms and a ton of laughs. So thankful for all who came and a true reason to celebrate love and the one who first loved us.
Kacy is a gifted writer whose blog is one i turn to, to be challenged, blessed and refreshed. some wisdom from her to remeber this Valentine’s DAy
“God’s Valentines gift of love to us was not a bunch of flowers;
It wasn’t candy or a a book to while away the hours.
His gift was to become a man, so he could freely give
His sacrificial love for us,
So you and I could live.
So as we give our Valentines,
Let’s thank our Lord and King;
The reason we have love to give
Is that He gave everything!”IMG_6285 IMG_6307 IMG_6316 IMG_6339 IMG_6343 IMG_6331 IMG_6326 IMG_6400 IMG_6270IMG_6306IMG_6287  IMG_6353  IMG_6322 IMG_6376IMG_6279 IMG_6316 IMG_6355IMG_6377 IMG_6384 IMG_6370 IMG_6420 IMG_6407 IMG_6410 IMG_6319IMG_6398 IMG_6405IMG_6427 IMG_6429 IMG_6283

10 on 10 Love

it’s been a long week over here full of coughs, fevers and whining. i’m hoping today was our last tucked in our house and the girls will be back and ready to enjoy the 100th day of school tomorrow.  i was bummed to miss church, but snuggling under blankets on this chilly snowy day wasn’t half bad, they even managed to fake a few smiles for me :)


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